HEMERA is an organisation that specializes in the manufacturing and designing of solar power plants and micro solar energy grids, as a renewable, sustainable and efficient energy source. We are committed to improving access to sustainable solar energy.

We specialize in solar power plants, off-grid electrification, water disinfection systems for safe drinking and solar water heaters solutions to all our customers. Rural communities in South Africa and other African countries have little chance of being connected to an electricity grid, but our off-grid solar projects allow for an effective and reliable energy supply, that meet safety and design regulations.

We are based in South Africa and through our partnerships we are able to provide energy to isolated rural communities, this is important in terms of alleviating poverty, encouraging economic competitiveness and being environmentally sustainable. We believe that electrification, supply of water disinfection systems and solar water heaters to rural areas is now possible on a large scale for the first time on a cost effective basis.
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Email: ssabapathy@hemera.co.za